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Felix Nässi’s golden season 2014

In addition to Finnish and Nordic championship Felix won also Swedish and Scandinavian open series. He got plenty of publicity not only during the events but also in the printed press and internet. Finnish Broadcasting company (YLE) interviewed Felix for their weekly motorsport programme on 22 November.

Felix will continue racing at the Moto3 class in 2015.

Season 2014 in a nutshell:

Felix had a super season. Out of 21 starts he won 18 and the finished second three times. Despite the almost perfect record the championships were close ones since the series clashed for few weekends and Felix missed some of the races and valuable points.

Domestic races in Finland were dominated by Felix and Peter Paloranta. At the end the pair had equal number of points, but Felix was the champion because of more race wins. After missing one of the early season race weekends Felix had to win all the remaining 8 starts which he did despites very close races.

At the Scandinavian Open series Alex Persson won the first two race Felix finishing second. Felix secured the overall championship by winning the rest three races against the Sweden’s best Moto3 racers at their home circuits.


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