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Felix satisfied with the BSB event visit at Assen

Felix Nässi joined in as a Moto3 wild card rider to the combined British and Dutch Championship event at Assen, Holland. Total of 46 Moto3 and GP125 riders from 7 different countries participated the race.


In the first qualification Felix was 14th fastest (1:50,242). Some chassis adjustments made the bike better in the medium speed corners, but the loose spark plug caused some power drop and the result in the second qualification was only 20th with the exactly same time as in the first qualification. There was an opportunity to reach 13th position, but the traffic at the last sector spoiled those laps.


During the cool Sunday morning warm up everything worked well and Felix was 9th fastest (1:50,529).

In the race Felix took a good start and quickly reached a seven bike group, lead by Arnie Sheldon, fighting for the 9th place. At  the best Felix was 11th, but the final position was 13th after few drops of rain caused the race to cut short 3 laps before the full distance. It was a double victory for the Red Bull MotoGP Rookies riders Dutch Bo Bendsneyder and Australian Olly Simpson.

Felix improved his last years lap time by almost a second. It was specially satisfying since the standard Honda engine used this time is less powerful compared to last years KTM.

This was Felix’ first but very positive experience of British series. It was continuous racing in a tight group of riders and the next group racing for 6th position was not too far away either.



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