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Felix Nässi wins Scandinavian Open Moto3 Championship

Felix arrived to Karlskoga 10 points behind the series leading Alex Persson and he knew that only by winning all the heats of the weekend he would be sure to be the overall champion. On Saturday there were two 8 lap sprint heats and on Sunday the final 18 lap race.

0_Karlskoga SO

In the qualifying Felix was third 0.45 seconds behind the fastest and series leading Alex Persson, the second was Martin Svensson and fourth William Svärd. After qualifying session we modified Felix’s bike’s settings a bit to work better on the bumpy track and the handling was clearly improved.

In the first heat Felix started well leading from the start followed by Alex and William. Alex tried hard to catch Felix but made a mistake and was dropped to fourth. Felix won by a safe 3.4 second margin.


The second Moto3 heat was one of the most exciting races of the day. William started well and was leading followed by Felix and Alex. On the third lap William’s slight mistake allowed Felix and Alex to pass. The leading group rode together lap after lap switching places several times. At the end Felix won by just 0.044 second followed by Alex and William.

The tropical like weather continued on Sunday and the third consecutive day of riding saw several people making mistakes. The morning time trial was run on partly wet track and nobody improved. Alex Persson did not start anymore on Sunday. At the start William took the lead, but hard pace backfired and he fell wildly in the third lap. William out of competition Felix was steadily increasing his lead over Martin Svensson for about a second per lap. Later Johnny Rotvik riding 2-stroke Honda passed Martin and was also catching Felix, but made some errors and fell letting Felix to a clear win and to secure his overall Moto3 Scandinavian Open Championship.

0_Karlskoga SO 1

”It was tough but wonderful weekend. I was able to beat the Swedes in their home ground in all three races, ”said happy Felix.


1. Felix Nässi 20 20 26 25 25 116
2. Alex Persson 25 25 16 20 86
3. Martin Svensson 11 13 18 13 20 75
4. William Svärd 13 16 20 16 0 65
5. Johanna Innerfors 16 11 10 10 11 58



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